Looking for Storytellers and Dungeon Masters

Looking for Storytellers and Dungeon Masters

As Coram Populo has grown significantly over the years, so has the need for a constant stream of role play events and stories for our various members.

With our already full calendar of role play events each week, we are always looking for storytellers and dungeon masters to join our guild and bolster the role play within it. As with any role play guild, the more quality role play available to its members at many different days and times, the better. After all, not everyone can attend some of the regular role play events of any guild because of reasons outside of the game, where they live, and other factors.

The Order of Celestial Dawn always has room for new scholars, researchers, students, lecturers, teachers, and expedition leaders.

In addition, Coram Populo always has room for experienced role players to teach those who may be new to the server or the concept of role play the ways of the world in Azeroth.

For more information or to inquire about open role play positions, please visit our website or contact one of us in game!

For more information about teaching a class (IC or OOC), being a storyteller within the role play of our guild, or associating your character with the Order of Celestial Dawn, please contact Tarcanus in character or out of character!