Looking Forward: Legion, Role Play in Coram Populo

Looking Forward: Legion, Role Play in Coram Populo

As Warlords of Draenor continues to wind down and August 30 (when Legion is released) inches closer and closer, our role play team has been quite busy preparing for new stories, new role play, new excitement, and new fun for the next era of World of Warcraft and our guild. While we do not know the exact twists and turns the Warcraft story will take, we do know that creative writing and role play can be an enriching process for all of us. As such, we could not be more excited to move forward in Azeroth and beyond.

Before we start releasing specific information about our plans for the future, we first want to set the framework for not only the substance of role play in Coram Populo, but the tone and pacing of our activities as well. Thus, there are a few things to keep in mind as we publish more information in the coming months:

  1. There will be two new role play leads joining our officer corps shortly. These role play leads and officers have been working diligently over the course of the previous five months to create the next chapter in our guild story and will continue to work within the Role Play Department framework as we move into Legion.
    1. Tarcanus included, this will bring our official role play officer count to three.
    2. Our role play leads will be the voice of authority over role play matters in Coram Populo and assume the roles of both a guild officer and content creator within the guild.
      1. All of our officers are always open to receiving helpful messages, feedback and suggestions. However, please remember that it may take several days or longer to reply to a message or mail when life becomes busy for any/all of us.
      2. Please note that our role play officers and role play leads have final and complete discretion when designing, implementing, and executing official guild stories, events, and lines.
      3. Please note that our role play officers and role play leads have final and complete discretion in determining and interpreting guild rules, role play rules, and rules/policies for the Role Play Department in Coram Populo and may enforce them at their own discretion.
      4. Please note that role play officers and role play leads are given the authority to run guild events and campaigns as the final authority in all matters, decisions, and disputes.
  2. Our main goal for Legion is to provide players and guild members with the ability to attend, participate in, and actively contribute to the guild story, our various campaigns, and events that we host or create. However, we do wish to allow our officers, role play leads, storytellers, and guild members to lead active lives outside of the guild role play in addition to encouraging guild members to create their own role play with those around them outside of the official guild story.
    1. As such, we do encourage role players in Coram Populo to find role play stories, IC interactions, and IC relationships with those around them (outside of official guild role play) both from within the guild itself and from the outside community.
      1. Role play leads, dungeon masters, storytellers, and role play officers will not be available at all times (both ICly and OOCly) and will also be actively pursuing other interests in World of Warcraft, other games, and outside of the gaming/computer world.
      2. Most role players in Coram Populo have always found more interpersonal interactions with their characters and in the stories they write outside of official guild events and role play. Get out in the city! Find friends and role play partners who you connect and can role play with for many hours at a time (if you so desire)! Discover other players around you in this vast environment!
    2. One-on-one role play, interpersonal IC relationships, and personal story development is something that we would still prefer is left to an individual player to pursue at their own pace and comfort level. Our role play leads will design larger story arcs that encompass our designs for the guild story as a whole such as campaigns that focus on the objective or goals at hand rather than the interpersonal relationships or private role play between party members.
      1. Of course, IC relationships can naturally develop during role play campaigns, events, and on-going stories. But these will not be the focus or design of guild role play leads or officers.
  3. The Azerothian Trade Federation will still form the backbone of role play in Coram Populo. However, there will be some changes (to be announced at a later date) to the structure, design, and IC purpose of this organization.
    1. These goals and purposes will be incorporated into our guild story and our “opening event” in the coming months.
    2. Your characters are still welcome to open their own businesses, establish stories from past trade missions and campaigns, and participate in various stories that have already been created. However, the main focus of the organization at large will be shifting to a new direction after the Burning Legion returns (hint hint).
    3. More information will come over the next few months.
      1. Please check our guild website regularly for future updates (www.corampopuloguild.com).
      2. Please follow us on Tumblr for regular updates (corampopuloguild.tumblr.com).
  4. Guild rules and personal conduct policies in Coram Populo will remain largely unchanged and creating a happy and healthy environment will remain at the forefront of our purpose as a guild. We believe that we have found a good balance in achieving this over the past six years, and we do not want our guild environment as a whole to change.
    1. However, strong language and military/combat/mildly violent themes may emerge or be present before, during, or after a specific (or general) story or line within the guild story. This language and use of themes will be limited to IC (in character) interactions, content, and writing. It will also be used in some of the chat channels created for role play in the guild.
    2. This content, IC writing, and other contexts in which strong language is used will be used in a limited scope and will not affect our standards for guild chat, public chat channels, and forms of communication that people may find harassing, menacing, or violating the public space or disrupting the peace from an OOC (out of character) perspective.
      1. Sexual content will not be a part of guild role play or any story, line, or event that is created, hosted by, or executed by Coram Populo.
    3. Again, personal conduct policies and guild rules still apply at all times.
  5. We will be creating a role play channel for the guild so that role players may be able to communicate with one another without overloading guild chat with too much chatter or spam. Remember that Coram Populo has raiders, role players, social members and people who are leveling and we do wish to allow people to pursue these activities without too many distractions.
    1. We will announce what chat channel to join in-game when we are ready for people to join.
    2. We will announce the out-of-game channels and forms of communication that we will be using in the coming months (see below).
  6. Coram Populo will be transitioning from Ventrilo to Discord over the coming months. More information will be available as the Discord servers and channels are set up and we get a better feel for how Discord works as a whole.

Again, thank you for sticking with us as we plan for the future. More information will be posted as it becomes available and as we finalize the details of our guild role play design and implementation plans. We could not be more enthusiastic to take our guild role play into the future, and we hope that you are all just as excited for Legion as we are!

If you have any questions or comments or wish to apply for guild membership, please email us at: corampopuloguild@gmail.com

Swift travels until Legion, and as always, please be safe wherever you may be in the world.

Tarcanus Frostbourne

Guild Leader, Coram Populo