New Flex Raiding Schedule and Changes

New Flex Raiding Schedule and Changes

Beginning 10/23/13, a new flex team and raid schedule will be implemented as we move forward with Siege of Orgrimmar and beyond!

Please contact Mozzalin in game for more information or if you are interested in attending the weekly raids!

Details concerning a 10-man team will be posted when more information is available!

Raid Requirements

Please be decently geared and/or ready and able to perform decently while in the raid group.

Please be able to show up to each raid time on time and be willing and able to stay for the entire raid.

Please have Ventrilo installed and available for use.

Please be patient and willing to learn as we move forward.

Please be able to take helpful and useful instruction on your performance from the raid leader and/or Guild PvE Officer.

Guild PvE Officer

Mozzalin Bottlebucket*

*Please mail “Mozzalin” in-game for more information.