Officer Vacations and Holiday Hours

Officer Vacations and Holiday Hours

Our Guild Philosophy

Here at Coram Populo, all of our officers perform various tasks and lead many activities within the guild so that all of us can successfully accomplish many of the goals we wish to achieve. Although we have successfully empowered our various divisions to take on almost anything that they may encounter, real life always takes precedence over in-game and other activities related to World of Warcraft or video games in general.

As such, there may be times in life when some of our officers may be unable to consistently field questions, respond to in-game mails, or reply to forum posts/messages within the normal 72-hour waiting period that many of you are accustomed to in your tenure here in the guild. The same applies to role play requests on Tumblr, messages or tags on various social media platforms, and direct messages in and out of the game itself.

Current Vacation, Holiday and Health Scheduling Concerns

During the month of December, the officer corps of Coram Populo has also experienced quite an abnormal amount of illnesses, odd vacation schedules, extreme school and work hours, and holiday travel plans.

There are several officers who are currently working grueling retail schedules during the holiday season (or working overtime as the end of the year approaches). One of our officers recently suffered a concussion. Three of our officers have children to take care of in addition to their own difficult work schedules and health concerns. Many of us travel for work on a weekly basis or have had job interviews on opposite ends of the country (or even in different countries) from where we currently reside. There are several of us looking for new houses/apartments or attempting to buy and/or sell a house at the same time.

Understanding Balance

There are nine officers (including myself) in Coram Populo. As an officer corps, we have always attempted to disperse our workloads so that no one officer carries too much or his/her/their shoulders at one time. However, given the current circumstances that some of our officers face in addition to the fact that all officer positions within the guild are unpaid volunteer positions, the activity level within the guild and the number of events that occur each week may be reduced for the foreseeable future until things calm down in life. In addition, returning missed calls, messages on the guild forums, in-game mail requests, and other forms of communication may be slower than usual for the next few weeks.

Again, while we usually are quite prompt in performing the various tasks that assist us in running an efficient and welcoming operation for all guild members, the status of our current real life affairs makes this abnormally difficult at the time of this post.

We will of course keep everyone updated on the situation and we are definitely all still very much invested in the guild and its members. We all plan on being here for quite some time and seeing that the next year is just as successful as 2014 was for Coram Populo. If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to email us at the guild email address listed below. Just please bear in mind that response times will be longer than usual and that this has nothing to do with our feelings about you, the guild, or our dedication to either of those things.

Please have a safe and wonderful holiday, and thank you for your understanding!

– Tarc

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