Official Guild Meeting Notes: 3/8/2015

Official Guild Meeting Notes: 3/8/2015

Coram Populo Guild: Springing Forward!

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to another “End of Winter” celebration brought to you by the fine folks of Coram Populo. We hope that each of you have had the chance to thaw out, stay warm, and recover from the craziness of snow and ice that have taken our real lives by storm (literally) this year. Spring is just around the corner, and we cannot wait for things to heat up┬áboth in and out of game.

We have some great plans and new developments to share with you, and your input will be infinitely helpful in determining the direction of our new guild role play stories and lines unveiled this evening!

Guild Leader Notes and Information

Guild Repairs

As we continue to figure out how to deal with the loss of the “Cash Flow” perks, we will provide updates on guild bank repairs and the likes.

Guild Forums

We are looking into new guild forum software. When we finally decide on a final choice and transfer all the data over, we will let you know.


Please contact Tellaria for more information. We are actively running normal and heroic modes with full guild groups and are now looking to round out a consistent roster.

Role Play

We are actively seeking new ideas for a guild story now that some time has passed since the retirement of the Order of Celestial Dawn.

If you are interested in providing ideas, feedback, or input for this endeavor, please contact Belorien or Jaedan! We are open to many different stories and lines and will be taking all the ideas you provide us into consideration as we move forward.

Social Events

Klarabella is back and better than ever and will be posting/hosting social events each week moving forward. Please see the guild calendar for more information and sign up today! Anyone from the guild is welcome and no prior role play experience is required.

These events are great ways to meet new people, make new role play connections, and build IC and OOC friendships.