OOC Notice to Role Players, Wyrmrest Accord, Members of Coram Populo and Celestial Dawn

OOC Notice to Role Players, Wyrmrest Accord, Members of Coram Populo and Celestial Dawn

Memorandum RE: Tumblr, Skype, Other RP Mediums, Time and Availability

Beginning with a staggered process that will commence at the end of this week, many of the officers here at Coram Populo/Celestial Dawn will begin to slowly minimize our personal use of Tumblr, Skype and other social media sites as forms of IC communication, literary works based on our role play, and our role play itself.

Simply put, the only role play (aside from critical announcements on our guild website) that will be taking place for myself and many of our senior members shall be in-game role play.  In addition, many of us are restricting our characters’ meta environments and the meta environment of Celestial Dawn to in-game interactions only.

Please know,

  • Our guild website and Tumblr will continue to be updated regularly and also continue to reflect our new members and their works as we continue to field applications.
  • This will not affect any existing in-game lines or stories.
  • Classes, research, lectures, forums and projects that we have scheduled for the guild will continue as normal (but be contained to mostly in-game interaction now, at least on the part of officers in the guild).
  • Any recently recruited or current scholars, teachers, and lecturers that we have picked up recently will still have the ability to do/create anything their heart desires.
  • Any future scholars, teachers, and lecturers that we have picked up recently or do pick up in the future will ALSO still have the ability to do/create anything their heart desires.
  • Members of Coram Populo and Celestial Dawn are always free to role play using whatever medium(s) they wish.  We would never restrict that facet of role play for other people or ask them to stop enjoying themselves.
  • We are not leaving the game or role play environments or losing our drive and dedication to the guild and its members in any way, shape or form.  However, we all need to take a realistic look at life at various points within it and realize that the amount of time needed to continue what we have been doing is simply too much.
  • In essence, everything that you may have worked on or planned as a player and individual (or as a group and guild) is in tact and still good to go.  This really only speaks to a small group of officers for the reasons detailed in subsequent paragraphs.


The month of February has been one of the craziest months in the history of Coram Populo (in the most amazing way possible, of course).  We have met so many new, wonderful people and guilds and have loved every minute of it.

However, even with the support and assistance of the entirety of the officer core and membership base of the guild, this month has also been extremely and required much time and energy from us as real, living people.  Personally, I know that posting 10-15 IC letters and additional reflective posts everyday on two or three characters while running the other operations of the guild is simply not a realistic goal for me to achieve or maintain in the long run (my workload and travel schedule is about to skyrocket into the “60-hour, 6-day workweek zone” in March as well).

Please know that this change is not due to any one person or individual in our officer core either, nor is it because of any drama or ill will towards anyone or anything.  Every single person who I have role played with or mentioned on Skype and Tumblr I consider to be quite awesome at what they do.  I believe (and hope) that Coram Populo has cordial OOC/IRL relations with almost everyone that we have encountered and I want to continue that trend well into the future.  We love everyone on Wyrmrest Accord and have had some amazing stories and lines created over the past year (and especially the past month).  This is not a personal, OOC, or even IC statement to or about anyone.

If anything, this message is designed to serve as a courtesy notice out of respect for all of you out there with whom we role play.

Personal Statement

The leadership group at Coram Populo has an average age of 34 years old (I am actually the youngest officer) and many of us are right in the middle of huge milestones with family and career moves in life.

We love playing this game and we love all of you.  Life, however, has a limited amount of time to accomplish things while we’re all still healthy and able to do so.  I would forever regret not taking the work opportunities to travel the world right now and somehow end up not being able to see things or meet people that I can in the moment.

This month has been an exception to the rule and normal way of life for us at Coram Populo in many ways.  I’ve REALLY pushed myself and our officers to plan to attend as many events as we could, and we’ve connected with a lot of great people in doing so.  This was a unique and rare opportunity to engage the server en masse, so to speak, and we all put the time and effort into making sure we did so as best we could.

However, this “explosion” of a pace is no longer something that I or others can keep up with, especially on a full time basis.  Realistically, it just won’t happen.  Without detailing any one officer role in particular, the laundry list of things to do in the guild as an officer WITHOUT even considering any personal, cross-guild or worldwide role play can be extremely daunting even to someone who can afford to play for very long periods of time.

I have truly attempted to make sure that all the groups and individuals that I have met and encountered over the past month have felt as though their role play matters to me.  Because, it does.  You all do matter.  You all have amazing guilds and amazing people in them.  You ALL are worthy of my time and attention.  I have only positive and loving thoughts of all your characters and their histories, even if my characters have come into conflict with them.  I really wish that I had the ability to freeze time and role play with each of you all the time for as many hours as we all wanted.  I really do.

However, I also need to be honest and up front with people and tell them that I will be unable to continue at the pace or timing of the past month so that no one feels as though I am actively ignoring them or that do not care about their time or them as people.  I also need to allow the officers in Coram Populo to have their personal role play and lines tendered and nurtured because their enjoyment of the game is just as important as anything I ask of them or that they do for the guild.


You all matter to me.  We’re all equally amazing and diverse people and I wish I could spend hours getting to know each and every single one of you.

Again, everything in-game concerning Coram Populo and Celestial Dawn will still operate as normal, so please do not feel as if the guild is no longer the same guild!  All of the role play, raiding, old school raids, social events, and other activities will still commence and continue as usual!  This is only a small collection of people saying that we will no longer be on Skype and Tumblr for long periods of time and potentially out of game when traveling and having crazy work phases in life.  That’s it.

Just because a few of are not going to be as accessible outside of game, that does not mean we do not care.  I hope that, even if I cannot reblog or like as many posts (or even read them as readily as before), you still feel as though you are important.  Because you are.

Even from 14,000 miles away or 40,000 feet in the air, you’ll still be in my heart! <3