Out of Character Recap of May 2015 Story Progression

Out of Character Recap of May 2015 Story Progression

Coram Populo Role Play Manual and Guide Published

Our guild’s role play manual and guide is published and publicly available. This guide contains all the information that you need to know about the new role play story arc in Coram Populo.

Coram Populo Role Play Manual and Guide

Azerothian Trade Federation Founded (Brief Timeline of Events)

  • Tarcanus finishes his meetings with all the merchants who will found the Azerothian Trade Federation with him.
  • The Azerothian Trade Federation is founded with a nod and a handshake over Pandaren noodles in a small inn located outside of Halfhill.
  • The federation will consist of many various businesses, investors and organizations, each able to run autonomously but all affiliated with one another.
  • The founding members of the federation are as different and varied as the places they come from and the lives they lead.

Azerothian Trade Federation Story Arc (RP Lead: Tarcanus Frostbourne)

This month’s “big picture” story design focused on several important things:

  • OOC explanations of what are new role play division looks like and how it will operate both in and out of character.
  • Guild recruitment and induction of new guild members into our larger guild community at large.
  • Creation of a guild manual that should serve to answer any questions guild members may have about our role play operations.
  • IC “character networking and introduction” meetings where players can get their characters involved in the guild story arc and officially meet major characters and role play officers.
  • Laying foundations of story arcs within the larger story arc, including seeing where player interest lies and deciding which stories to put on NPC autopilot and which stories to actively use character interactions to drive story development.
  • Networking characters among one another and organizing the first major stories for each business (for our official launch)

The Estate Story Arc (Tarcanus)

Tarcanus recruited a new scholar or two to assist in the remaining academic interests at the old headquarters of the Order of Celestial Dawn. Assignments and tasks will be delegated and distributed shortly.

The Adventurous Antiquarian Story Arc (Liseda)

This where significant interest was shown and where Liseda will be taking a large portion of the guild role players on the first expedition of the Adventurous Antiquarian beginning next week.

This arc will focus on combat role play and expedition members should read our role play manual and be familiar with our role play combat system.

Fairebreeze Investments Story Arc (Bellenessa)

Tarcanus referred several individuals to Bellenessa, who may need scouts and those who hide in the shadows to watch the various businesses and their proprietors to ensure that they are operating honest establishments. She may also require them to assist her on audit missions in the near future.

Spices and Delights Story Arc (Xiaojian)

Xiaojian is expecting to hear from several interested chefs who will learn new recipes from him in addition to assist him on several small “missions” to design and discover new flavors and textures from around the world.

The Artisan’s Alley (Adventius)

Adventius is awaiting three artisans in Grizzly Hills, where he will begin sending them on assignments and ordering certain items be crafted to meet client and customer demands for arms, armor, and weapons.

Member Business/Organization/Association Story Arcs (Guild Member Driven Stories)

A Proper Brew

Jaedan Snowdrift is off and running with his hole-in-the-wall tavern in Silvermoon City. Kadji assists him with the day-to-day operations and bartending while Daina frolics around and sings to customers while serving them their drinks.


Alordrostus has met Tarcanus and officially begun working for the Azerothian Trade Federation. Interested students should contact him OOCly through his Tumblr page so that they can further discuss what the training process will involve in addition to how his role play group will operate while protecting the various interests and players within the federation.

Klara’s Social Events

Klarabella has met with Tarcanus and will be designing in-character socials for the federation. These socials will also serve as OOC events designed for guild members to get to know one another in a very low pressure environment.

Daina and the Flower Shoppe

Daina has officially met Tarcanus at the flower shoppe that she works at, and it is heavily implied that they (and other members of the federation) will continue to interact well into the future.