PvE Division Changes

PvE Division Changes

PvE Division Changes

Beginning May 12, 2014, the PvE Division of Coram Populo will be divided into three distinct groups:

  • Casual LFR Group (Tuesday Evenings: 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Pacific Standard / Server Time)
  • Flex Group (Sunday Evenings: 5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Pacific Standard / Server Time)
  • Normal/Heroic/Mythic Group (Friday and Monday Evenings: 5:45 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Pacific Standard / Server Time)

Within these three groups, different “raid” rules and standards will apply to Coram Populo guild members.

Please keep in mind that ALL members of Coram Populo are subject to our guild rules and personal conduct policies at ALL times and that these ‘”raid” rules are just a further differentiation and expansion of our guild rules for the various raiders (and prospective raiders) within our membership base.

In Brief

With all the recent interest in raiding from our guild members lately, it has been difficult to find space for everyone who wishes to learn the ins and outs of PvE and current content progression.

In addition, with our serious group of seasoned raiders wishing to progress as fast as possible into Heroic and eventually Mythic difficulties, we also have found that there is a need to differentiate our raiding ranks between those who wish to push diligently commit themselves to the be the very best that they can be (while still upholding the principles of Coram Populo) and those who wish to take a more casual and relaxed approach to PvE content.

Therefore, we have created three distinct and unique raiding groups that raid at different times during the week so that there is an opportunity for everyone to raid at their own pace.


Please note that any member of Coram Populo can be part of multiple raid groups at one time (or even all three at once); HOWEVER, each group has different and distinct entry/participation requirements.

Please also note that some raid groups may have a cap on the amount of people that can be brought in at one time based on in-game raid requirements, game mechanics and logistical issues (i.e number of healers available on a particular evening for flex raiding or the hard cap of ten people for normal/heroic/mythic raiding).

Casual LFR Group

Group Leader: Tellaria Evensong

Anyone is welcome to queue with us so long as they meet the requirements for SOO LFR (496+ item level).

The goals of this group will be largely dedicated to the educational process that it takes to become a proficient raider.  Members of Coram Populo who participate will have the opportunity to learn from a seasoned raider whose roots date back to the first days of World of Warcraft.  Tellaria Evensong (Sgt.) will provide feedback, advice, and guidance to those who wish to become better raiders in a friendly, welcoming and safe environment.  Tellaria specializes in education and has helped many to become more confident and able at what they wish to accomplish.

In addition, Tellaria will also be available to give private, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to those who wish to leave a massive group setting that is LFR and learn in a quieter, more peaceful environment.

Again, anyone is welcome to join this group so long as they meet the gear requirements set forth by the game itself.

Flex Group

Group Leader: Rhaelia Daybreak

Anyone is welcome to queue with us so long as they are in mostly LFR gear (515+ item level preferred).

Flex raiding shall be used as the precursor to normal/heroic/mythic raiding.  Members of Coram Populo who wish to continue to gear while learning the ways of advanced raiding tactics and a professional raiding environment should join this group.  Rhaelia Daybreak (Lt.) will lead flex raids similar to how normal/heroic/mythic raids are led, giving everyone a feel for what the “next step up” will be like should they choose to pursue a more serious path in PvE content.  From the basics of vent instruction, calling out mechanics and fight movements to the advanced workings of structured interrupts and teamwork, Rhaelia will guide everyone to becoming a consummate professional.

Again, anyone is welcome to join us so long as they are mostly in current content LFR gear or gear from the Timeless Isle.

Normal/Heroic/Mythic Group (1o-person)

Group Leader: Tarcanus Frostbourne

This is our dedicated progression raid team and requires an interview, performance and gear checks, flex raiding test runs, and other vetting processes by current raid team leadership in order to be placed on the list of alternates (or eventually the starting lineup).  The individual and team requirements are much heavier than for the previously mentioned groups and require serious dedication as a raider.

This raid group is our current content progression group that will raid normal and heroic (and eventually mythic) raids into the future.  This is a professional group that has professional standards and the rules and requirements to join/participate are much more stringent and rigorous than the other groups.  Preparation, execution, review and improvement are all necessary and quite basic requirements of this team, which is limited by in-game rules to ten people at any one time (with ready alternates standing by).

There are weekly (and sometimes daily) lists of tasks that need to be completed to progress both as individuals and as a team.  Grinding reputations, capping valor points, maxing out professions, maintaining excellent gearing rates, previewing fights, studying upcoming bosses, staying focused during raid time, respecting the chain of command and orders during raid time, reviewing fight logs and videos, and providing feedback and suggestions are just some of the things required of members of this team.

Tarcanus Frostbourne (GM) will lead this raid group twice per week into current content progression raids.

Again, to join this team, please mail us and set up a time for an interview and review all of the specific rules and requirements listed below.  Please note, we do not guarantee roster spots to anyone and all internal decisions are subject to the interpretation and discretion of the raid and/or guild leaders.

Normal/Heroic/Mythic Team Detailed Rules

Normal/Heroic/Mythic Team Current Weekly Requirements

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