Quick Facts: Quel’Thalas and Elves!

Quick Facts: Quel’Thalas and Elves!

Quel’Thalas In Brief

Quel’Thalas was once the home and kingdom of the High Elves (Quel’dorei), or those who had been banished to the Eastern Kingdoms by the druidic Night Elves (Kal’dorei) for their use of the Arcane arts.  The kingdom was built upon ancient troll burial grounds, causing many conflicts and wars with the neighboring troll inhabitants.

High Elves were allied with the Humans and part of the Alliance for years, and many High Elves, such as those in the Silver Covenant, are still a part of the Alliance.  There are several examples of this in game.  Sylvanas Windrunner, a former High Elf who was killed by Arthas and later became the leader of the Undead (Forsaken), is sister to Vereesa Windrunner, a High Elf and leader of the Silver Covenant.  Note that both of these characters are NPC’s that appear in game.

These days, Quel’Thalas is the current home of the Blood Elves (Sin’dorei).  The Blood Elves are for High Elves who used Fel magic to satiate their urges to feed on sources of power after Arthas destroyed the Sunwell and rendered the remaining High Elves without a source from which to draw power from.  Sin’dorei can be differentiated from Quel’dorei by the difference in eye color, as Sin’dorei have green eyes and Quel’dorei have blue eyes.

Elven Evolution

If that is confusing… here is the World of Warcraft elven evolution of elves in brief:

Kal’dorei (Night Elves) — Banished from Tedrassil to Eastern Kingdoms —> Quel’dorei (High Elves) — Third War, Use of Fel —> Sin’dorei (Blood Elves)

YES, this means that Sin’dorei (Blood Elves) were once Quel’dorei (High Elves) who were once Kal’dorei (Night Elves), although the original High Elves who landed on the Eastern Kingdoms died thousands of years ago.

But, all adult Sin’dorei (Blood Elves) who exist today were once Quel’dorei (High Elves) who definitely remember the Third War and the destruction and restoration of the Sunwell.

Quick Facts

1.) 90% of the High Elf population was decimated when Arthas (The Lich King) led the Scourge on an invasion into Quel’Thalas.

2.) Arthas destroyed the Sunwell, the source of power for the High Elves at the time.

3.) Many High Elves sated their thirst for power by using Fel magic, which turned their eyes green and (in the long run) caused them permanent health damage, killed them, or made them go insane from the addition.

4.) Those who survived the above named struggles called themselves “Blood Elves,” or “Sin’dorei,” in honor of their fallen kin.  This is also why Sin’dorei architecture and clothing has red tones to it, even though the styling remains traditional to High Elf aesthetics.

5.) The Sunwell was restored and thus provides a new source of power for the Blood Elves, who now inhabit the rebuilt kingdom and capital city (Silvermoon).

6.) Quel’Thalas includes the Isle of Quel’Danas, Silvermoon, the Eversong Woods, Ghostlands, and a region of the Eastern Kingdoms that currently is not playable (and only reachable by exploiting a glitch in the game).