Detailed Raid Team Rules

Members who wish to raid with us should follow the guidelines listed below.

Members who wish to raid with us should follow the guidelines listed below.

Latest News: Emerald Nightmare Minimum Requirements (9/20/16 and Beyond)

The Coram Populo raid team will begin its Legion raiding season in the Emerald Dream raid on Normal difficulty.

As we start with Emerald Nightmare, the minimum item level for all raiders will be 830.

All raiders must also have all THREE relic slots unlocked and filled with appropriate relics in their artifact weapons.

These requirements will increase as player power, gear, and performance levels increase as well.  These requirements will also increase as the raid team progresses further into the Emerald Nightmare raid.

Many of our raid team members were able to achieve item levels of 840+, 845+, and 850+ before the Emerald Nightmare raid was released. Thus, reaching an item level of 830 should not be a difficult task for prospective raid team members.

NO exceptions will be made to these policies!

PvE Department Head: Tehrass

Coram Populo’s PvE Department is led by Tehrass.

Tehrass is a veteran raid leader and PvE expert who most recently led the guild to new heights in Hellfire Citadel.

Please contact him with any questions or concerns you may have about raiding, Mythic+ dungeons, training, and PvE tactics.

Battletag: Tehrass#1655

Coram Populo Discord Server

PvE Overview by Stage (By: Tehrass)

1. Artifact

Artifact power plays a significant role in how powerful your character is and all avenues to obtain artifact power should be utilized.

To start raiding with us, you must have ALL THREE relic slots unlocked and be using three appropriate relics in your artifact weapon.

2. 5-Person Groups

Having a party will be a more important than ever in Legion. Whether running through World Quests or running Mythic Dungeons. Having a party of people to play with will be a valuable source of both artifact power and gear. We are currently working on recruiting people willing to lead 5 man groups in Legionto ensure we have consistent runs going. The expectation will be that if you are doing raiding you are also running Mythic(+) dungeons and World Quests.

3. (Optional) LFR

There are no plans to require LFR for raiders.

4. Raiding (Normal/Heroic)

Raiding is a team sport. It requires 10+ people who are dedicated to learning their class. A vital part of raid preparation is learning about your class/spec stat priorities, dps priorities, utility potential, as well independent study about the raid encounters. New raiders tend to be obsessed with their spell priority and forget some of these other vital areas. Keep in mind that for Coram Populo raids, not only is a raider expected to understand the dps priority for their class and spec, but there is also the expectation is that a raider will utilize all defensive cooldowns, offensive cooldowns, and other utility spells to help the team progress. Raiders need to come prepared with flasks, food, stat potions, and health potions to each raid. It should go without saying that all raiders should have their gear fully enchanted and gemmed. Raiding is a team sport. Everyone needs to be 100% engaged for us to have a solid raid team.

5. Raiding (Mythic)

Requires 20 raiders with broad mix of classes and roles to be successful. At this level of raiding an excellent command of your class and spec is the base level requirement not the end goal. We are not yet at the point where we can field a Mythic raiding team. However it is a long term goal for us to shoot for. The Mythic raid team will be hand picked. Normal and Heroic raids are effectively trials for eligibility for this raid level.



A raider must show initiative to prepare for raiding. (Doing World questions, Mythic(+) dungeons, etc. to enhance personal skill, artifact power, and gear.)

1. Artifacts will play an important part in increasing individual potential in raids. Please work towards maximizing your artifact level, power, and relics as quickly as possible.

2. All raiders must have all applicable gear enchanted/gemmed.

Ensuring that your gear is the best you can be is a base line requirement for any healthy raid environment.

3. All raiders must bring their own appropriate consumables (flasks/food/stat potions/health potions) to each raid.

Flasks, food, and potions are quite easy to come by. Again this baseline for a good raider.

4. All raiders need to study the fights in advance.

The raid leader should be able to simply assign roles, responsibilities, and tasks without having to define mechanics that have been widely published. Keep in mind that the optimum glpyh and/or talent choices for each spec can vary widely from fight to fight. Take responsibility to research what this should be for each fight.


1. A raider must work on improving their skill in their respective role.

Whether your role is tank, healer, or dps it is incumbent of each raider to learn the priorities and scenarios associated with your respective role and spec. While there are many resources available to help a raider succeed, it is ultimately up to each person to have the drive and commitment to learn that improve.

2. All raiders must proactively utilize stuns, defensive and offensive cooldowns, dispels, etc. throughout the raid.

Being a good raider is more than just hammering out a spell priority list. The mastery of the utility aspects of a class are what often separate great from good in the raiding world.

3. All raiders must demonstrate a working knowledge of their class/spec rotation.

The tools you need to succeed as a raider are already out there. We have PvE officers who are available to help, whether that be personal coaching or simply point out existing resources.


A raider must have a positive attitude in the raid as well as accept feedback and constructive criticism on performance.

1. All raiders must obey directions from the raider leader and other raid leadership designated by the raid leader.

There are often multiple valid strategies to downing a boss. While suggestions are always welcome this should be done on the forums outside of the actual raid. Even if the fight strategy is being done differently than you are used to, do your best to adapt to the current strategy. If after a wipe you see room for improvement or have concerns about a strategy, whisper a PvE officer. Public channels are not the place to re-write strategies on the fly.

2. All raiders must keep keep negativity out of public channels.

In Coram Populo there is zero tolerance for negativity, misogyny, or bigotry of any type. For example, the use of the word “gay” in a pejorative sense or the use of the word “rape” to indicate overpowering or domination is completely inappropriate.

We have many people from many different backgrounds and walks of life in our guild. We strive to “break the mold” that exists as a reality in many raids today.

3. All raiders must be willing to learn and accept feedback.

All raiders will receive feedback based on raid performance. At some point every raid will most certainly receive constructive feed to help improve. The PvE officers providing feedback are committed to ensuring that feedback is presented in a safe and respectful manner. We all have areas we need to improve in.

It is essential to our raid growth that we be able to look at ourselves honestly and work on these areas.