Raid Night Adjustments (Blizzcon and Holiday Schedules)

Raid Night Adjustments (Blizzcon and Holiday Schedules)

Due to important upcoming events (the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States and Blizzcon), our raid schedule has been adjusted for November.

Please note that the following schedule changes are effective as of now:

For the week of 10/30/16, our progression raid night will be moved to Tuesday, 11/1/16 and our raid night on Friday, 11/4/16 will be cancelled.

For the week of 11/20/16, our raid night on Friday, 11/25/16 will be cancelled.


Many of our guild members will be attending Blizzcon during the first week of November and will thus be unable to attend our normal raid night on Friday, 11/4/16. Therefore, we felt it appropriate to move our progression night to Tuesday, 11/1/16 of that week and to cancel any and all raid activities on Friday, 11/4/16.

This will allow us to continue to push forward in Emerald Nightmare (H) that week while we prepare to attend/view this amazing annual convention. This will also allow those with a virtual ticket to completely focus their attention on enjoying Blizzcon on Friday without having to divide their attention between the Blizzcon stream and raiding.

Normal raid events and our normal raid schedule will resume the week after Blizzcon.


We also acknowledge that many people will be traveling during the week of Thanksgiving and that raiding on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving would probably be inconvenient or impossible for many of our raid team members. There is already enough stress on folks who are traveling, cooking, and dealing with family obligations that week and we do not want to burden anyone with any additional work (or run with a team that at half strength due to absences).

Normal raid events and our normal raid schedule will resume the week after Thanksgiving.

Keep in Touch!

We hope that all of you who are attending Blizzcon have an amazing time! Please check out our many officers’ Twitter pages and video blogs on YouTube to see what your fellow guildies and raid team members are up to while out in Anaheim.

Safe Travels and Happy Holidays

Have a safe and wonderful holiday this Thanksgiving and safe travels if you are driving/flying anywhere this year!