Pathway to Membership: The Coram Way

Coram Populo. 2009-2017.

Coram Populo. 2009-2017.

Coram Populo primarily focuses on two areas of in-game content: raiding and role play. Each of these areas has provided us with fun challenges, experiences and benchmarks to measure ourselves by throughout the past seven years. Both areas are equally important, even if the emphasis during Legion or other expansion may be on one or the other.

However, since each of these activities are vastly different in nature, we have divided our guild structure into two main departments so that each individual department may flourish and operate successfully. Each department still carries the same Coram Populo guild banner. However, rules and requirements for participating in activities within each department may vary.

In addition, some members of the guild are simply here for the social aspect of having a guild. These members may not necessarily participate in raiding or role play, but are still equal members of Coram Populo.

Separate Departments: Raiding and Role Play

As stated above, at Coram Populo we divide our activities into various departments so that proper effort, attention, and energy can be directed to each department by our leadership team.

Social members are not required to participate in any or all of the teams or activities within any department. Activities are voluntary as we understand that some guild members are here for the social aspect of the guild or simply do not have the time to participate in everything they would like to participate in.

However, it is also important to note that if members do wish to participate in certain activities or be a member of a certain team or group within the guild, additional requirements and commitments may be necessary. For example, the raid team has specific requirements for all team members that must be met upon joining the team and on an ongoing basis.

Each department is run by its own group of officers and certain teams will have additional rules and requirements beyond our standard guild rules. Again, to be a member of our current content raid team, additional requirements and time commitments will be required of potential team members. Members may be required to review outside websites, meet with department officers, sign up for other programs and training modules/tools, and be subject to ongoing review as well.

In addition, each department is led by a different department leader (officer) who is free to determine rules and policies for their department and its teams as they see fit. Guild leaders or marshals will rarely interfere with department activities and you should always speak to your department leader first if you wish to become a member of a team or group that is governed by that department.

Of course, all members of Coram Populo are expected to follow our overarching guild personal conduct policies and rules, regardless of what teams or activities they may participate in or be active members of within the guild.

Current Department Heads:

PvE Department: Tehrass

RP Department: Tarcanus Frostbourne

Pathway to Membership: Raiders

Coram Populo is always looking for capable raiders to bolster our guild raid team. We plan to raid throughout Legion and beyond, with current content at the forefront of our goals.

If you are interested in joining us as a raider, please visit the following page:

Coram Populo and Legion: August 2016 and Beyond

Please note that to join our raid team, you will need to sign up for an OpenRaid account and speak with Tehrass, our PvE Department Head, or another PvE Team Officer before our first raid with us. You should expect to have another meeting with Tehrass or another PvE Team Officer approximately two to three weeks after your first raid with us as well.

All raiders are expected to maintain a certain level of dedication and performance (see our complete team rules for further details) and we definitely look to recruit self-starters and people who are already motivated to improve as best they can. We are more than willing to assist people gear and farm and run through individual/group content efficiently provided that they are willing to do the same (or at least contribute in a meaningful way throughout the process).

Those with advanced and exceptional knowledge of raiding and PvE mechanics are highly encouraged to apply. We are also currently looking for people to assist in uploading and analyzing logs, assist with theorycrafting, and to help run 5-man dungeons at the highest mythic levels that we can push.

In Brief

  1. Review the raid team requirements listed on our guild website (Raid Team Rules).
  2. Review the current raid team schedule listed on our guild website (Raid Team Schedule).
  3. Sign up for and OpenRaid account (
  4. Join our guild page on OpenRaid (
  5. Join our guild Discord server (
  6. Schedule a meeting with Tehrass ( or Tehrass#1655 on
  7. Be prepared to meet with Tehrass or another PvE Team Officer before your first raid with us.
  8. Be prepared to meet with Tehrass or another PvE Team Officer two to three weeks after your first raid with us.
  9. Please remember that everyone is always subject to individual and team review even after their initial raids and meetings with the raid leader or or another PvE Team Officer. You may be required to meet with Tehrass or a PvE Team Officer at any time.
  10. Raid team spots are never guaranteed nor are they ever promised to anyone in advance. Players are evaluated on a constant basis.

Pathway to Membership: Role Players

If you are interested in joining us as a role player, please read the following information carefully. The recruitment process is relatively simple. However, there are important and key things to remember as you apply to join our community.

Please review the step-by-step application process below before applying to the guild. This will ensure a smooth recruitment process for everyone involved.

Pathway to Membership: 4 Basic Steps

1.) Please study and review the information listed on our guild website, located at: Pay special attention to our guild rules and personal conduct policies, as these may be differ from traditional rules you may have encountered in World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs.

001 Coram Populo Role Play Manual Website Version

In addition, please review our role play guide and manual, located here:

PDF File Download (Coram Populo Role Play Manual)

Note that the file size is quite large for the high-quality role play manual. If you require a smaller file to download, please download the file listed below:

PDF File Download (Coram Populo Role Play Manual – Small)

2.) Send an email to: and set up an  appointment for a recruitment interview. Interviews are conducted via our Discord server and are available (at current time) by appointment only. If you cannot schedule an appointment when applying or if you need to reschedule an appointment after it has been made, please give us at least one week’s notice prior to your originally-scheduled recruitment interview time to set up an alternative day and time for your interview. Of course, this rule does not apply to emergency situations.

3.) Be prepared to answer a few questions about yourself, your interests, your previous writing and role play experiences, your characters, and your visions and goals for your time in Coram Populo. These and other questions will be asked of you during the interview process. Of course, please be amenable to accepting and agreeing to our personal conduct policies and guild rules as well.

4.) After the 30-60 minute interview is concluded, you will be invited to the guild.

Please note: The interview and recruitment process is completely about the player and person behind the characters. All interviews are “OOC” or considered “out of character” and will be about you, the person.

More Information / About Us / Research Before You Apply

If you would like to learn more about us before you apply, please visit the websites or social media platforms listed below:

1.) Guild Website:

2.) Guild Discord Server:

3.) Guild OOC Tumblr:

4.) Azerothian Trade Federation Tumblr:

5.) Past Role Play Tumblr:

6.) YouTube Videos:

7.) Podcast / Radio Show: and

8.) Tweet the GM:

9.) Writing Samples of Members: