Remember the Starting Zones!

Remember the Starting Zones!

While most veteran World of Warcraft players loathe doing the same introductory quests again and again, for role players and lore lovers alike the starting zones of each race can provide essential and interesting background information on their race’s history, political affiliations, past struggles, and current goals.

Some of the quests may become outdated from time to time; however even these quests can give a player much insight into what his or her character’s race desired to achieve in the earlier days of the game history.

Many of the starting areas were updated with the release of the Cataclysm expansion, although some of the starting areas introduced during the Burning Crusade expansion were left untouched.  These areas (and major cities associated with those races) still remain very close to as they were at launch of the Burning Crusade expansion.

As with most quests and questlines, taking the time to read and listen to the dialogue will improve your ability to understand your character and their races, in addition to learning more about the meta and universe around you!

Happy hunting!