Role Play Meeting and Stream!

Role Play Meeting and Stream!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our guild role play planning meeting and stream on Saturday!

We had a lot of guild members and individuals from the Twitch and YouTube community show up to the festivities, which made the event both lively and informative (#Frostarcles). More information regarding the specific role play plans for the guild, the Azerothian Trade Federation, and the OOC workshops and seminars will be posted shortly.

In general, it was decided that OOC seminars and workshops were something that our guild members really wanted to participate in and organize. It was also decided that casual social meetups and events were sought, with some individuals volunteering to lead D&D style campaigns and expeditions as well.

Video Replay of the Role Play Meeting and Stream

If you missed the meeting or the stream, there is a “video on demand” replay of all the action available on Twitch. Please note that this replay will only be available for thirty (30) days.

We will also upload the replay of the steam to YouTube as soon as possible.

Streamlining Role Play, Tarcanus Style

Because of time constraints and real life concerns, Tarcanus will be merging many of the role play activities that are a part of the guild and his YouTube/Twitch/podcasting work together. Thus, many of the streams for Twitch and videos for YouTube that are related to role play and creative writing will also encompass the activities we put together for the guild. ICly, this means some of the walk-up role play, social events and other stories will be highlighted and used for YouTube and Twitch videos or streams. OOCly, this means that the educational workshops for the guild will also be streamed to Twitch and uploaded to YouTube.

This will not only save time, but allow Tarcanus to focus on a single IC and OOC direction for both the guild and his YouTube/Twitch/podcast work to ensure that the quality of the content we are providing continues to be as high as possible.

In essence, instead of having one OOC seminar or workshop for the guild and another OOC seminar or workshop for YouTube/Twitch audiences that covers the same topic or information, there will be one OOC seminar on that topic for both groups to consume. Instead of having one story for the Azerothian Trade Federation for guild members and another storyline for people who are interested in role play on YouTube/Twitch, there will be a singular story that all can participate in at one time.

Role Play Leads, Storytellers, Dungeon Masters and Moar Wanted!

If you are interested in becoming a role play lead, storyteller or dungeon master, please contact Tarcanus in-game or via the guild email address:

Important Video Media, Blog, and Website Information

Please also visit, follow, and subscribe to the following video media outlets, blogs, and websites which are relevant to our guild role play, our OOC video seminars/workshops, and the story of the Azerothian Trade Federation:

Video Workshops, Seminars, and Meeting Replays

Creative Writing and Artistic Blogs for Coram Populo and the Azerothian Trade Federation

Tarcanus’ IC Creative Writing and Role Play Blog


Please join the following Discord server to stay in contact with your fellow role players. Please note that this Discord server is SEPARATE and UNIQUE from our guild Discord server and is designed to network everyone from YouTube, Twitch, Tumblr, the guild, the role play and artistic community, and the Warcraft community in general.