Role Play Recap! 2/22/2014

Role Play Recap! 2/22/2014

Tarcanus frowned, drifting back under the covers and pretending that he did not notice the morning sunlight piercing through the shades to his bed chambers.

Oh no.  Not this again.  Not already.

Yet another week had flown by, bringing with it even more intrigue and complication to his life.  So many people.  So many interests.  So many pieces of the proverbial puzzle left unseen.

I don’t know why people look to me as some grand leader or peacemaker or master of scholarly arts.  What have I ever done in life?

I think people will soon be very disappointed to find that I’m just like everyone else in the universe…

Tarcanus had never been comfortable in a role that required commanding men and women in battle or issuing edicts that determined the course of people’s lives.  His leadership style had always been firmly rooted in the idea that everyone around him should be free to make their own decisions and mistakes in life so that they may learn to better themselves.  After all, if people did not truly believe in the reasons behind the decisions they made, what was the point of making them to begin with?

Then there was the precarious balancing act that Tarcanus had never experienced prior to the attention they had garnered at the Thalassian Citizen’s Forum.  The Order of Celestial Dawn had largely kept to itself over the past year, choosing to share and learn in the peaceful settings of woods and fields rather than city walls and lecture halls.  No one in the Order had ever actively sought personal attention or fame, much less widespread public visibility.  It was new.  It was fascinating.  It was unknown.  It was frightening.  A bell had been rung two weeks earlier.  It was too late to try to unring it now.

Tarcanus closed his eyes, thinking upon the various forces and factions pulling at him from different directions.  It would not be easy attempting to pacify each group.  One might even say that it was an impossible task.  Yet, if they were to survive, Tarcanus knew that it would be necessary to keep things in order as best he could.  Hopefully, it would not be too much for them to handle.  Hopefully, he and those around him would do as they always did – stay steady and true, even in the darkest of times.


Highlord Nikkitah Blightheart, Madame Aeri’Alyn, and The Row

First was the Highlord, who had been quite direct and literal each and every time that the two had spoken.  Although his latest missive was ominous in tone, it seemed as though a peace had befallen their two organizations.  This Blightheart, however, was very quickly angered, even becoming enraged at certain points in their previous conversations.  While Tarcanus could understand why the Highlord would feel certain ways about certain things, it was still cause for concern in Tarcanus’ mind.

Highlord Blightheart was scheduled to speak in the coming months at the Order of Celestial Dawn’s Saturday lectures and the Highlord himself volunteered to be a counsel and life coach of sorts for those students who needed guidance and direction in their lives.  He was also close to and came highly recommended by Fisali, which Tarcanus could never ignore.

Madame Aeri’Alyn had approached Tarcanus of her own volition and requested that she be able to attend his lectures once more.  Although he had remained professional, Tarcanus could not be happier that she was interested in improving herself and recapturing the goals of education and enlightenment.  While he would never openly admit it to anyone, the idea of losing someone close to her was something he could relate to all too well.  It saddened him to learn that she had suffered as such, but it invigorated him with hope to see that she smiled at the thought of doing something more with her life.  It was individuals like Aeri’Alyn that drove Tarcanus to found the Order.  It was people like her that showed him that hope was indeed a powerful thing.

Lady Sairalis Runeweaver, the Thalassian Citizen’s Hospice, Phoenix Guard, and the Silvermoon Commerce Council

Next was the Lady Runeweaver, who had graciously invited Tarcanus to her lavish home in Quel’Thalas during the course of the previous week to enlighten him to the ways of the city and its political factions.  Although it was unnerving to discover that she and Guardian Glacierwind were romantically involved and that she had a significant disdain for the Highlord Blightheart, it was a relief to see that she still appeared amenable to working with the Order and Tarcanus himself.

Talandriel had been working closely in her own assignments to build relationships with the Thalassian Citizen’s Hospice and the Phoenix Guard so that emergency protocols and procedures could be implemented should a dire situation befall the Order.  From what he had seen and heard, Tarcanus believed that things had been going smoothly between them and that the Lady Runeweaver’s personal objection to his demotion of Guardian Glacierwind had not affected the relations between their organizations.

Then of course, there was the surprise invitation to the Silvermoon Commerce Council that had been offered and accepted during the course of the meeting between Tarcanus and the Lady Runeweaver.  Although he did not believe himself qualified, Tarcanus humbly agreed to speak on behalf of the educational facilities and faculties within the kingdom.  The even greater public visibility concerned him, yet he knew that education was of critical importance and this was yet another opportunity he could not pass up.

High Priestess Alyadria and Hand of Belore

The High Priestess Alyadria had been nothing short of amazing during the course of the past month.  She had brought Tarcanus under her wing from the very beginning.  She prepared him for the Thalassian Citizen’s Forum, she guided him through the mess of security and, most importantly, she illuminated the path through the center of the chaos.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson she taught him was that he could take actions and make decisions that caused the least amount of collateral damage and fallout to those around him.  Even though walking the fine lines between all the nobles and political powers that be in the city was a deadly and dangerous journey, Alyadria had at least made things easier for him.

Professionally, Tarcanus did not know of the Hand of Belore’s true intents and nature, only briefly catching bits and pieces of the High Priestess’ story as they got to know one another.  Of course, it was quite clear that she too was invested in research and education, although there was something more to her than that as well.  She had mentioned the prevention of an old prophecy, one that could threaten the lives and existence of everyone in the world.  It was unsettling, but he trusted her to act in good faith and on sound wisdom.

Personally, Tarcanus knew that they both could learn much from one another.  A promised game of chess and talk of matters philosophical in nature quite intrigued the librarian.  He knew that she was a thinker.  Thinkers were rare.  Everything else in the universe notwithstanding, it would be nice to finally take a breath and relax once things settled down in their lives.

Madame Amariesse Starsinger-Dracone, Rook “Tangram” Dracone, and the Registry

In addition to all of the professional entanglements that he found himself in, there was the matter of incredible mystery and wonderment that awaited Tarcanus at the Registry.  When all parties involved could finally find a time to meet and formally introduce themselves to one another, he knew that it would be the start of something much different than he had ever experienced before.  The tone of their letters, the manner in which they spoke – it all pointed to something more than just a mundane record-keeping assignment.  That in itself drew Tarcanus in very quickly, and he had not forgotten about it in the time since receiving Madame Starsinger-Dracone’s first correspondence.

Old artifacts, hidden tomes, secret rooms and trap doors.  Those were what awaited him, or so he thought.  Items of immense power, relics from a forgotten age and living essences of magical and mystical delight.  What else could be contained within the very walls of the Registry?  What could be hiding behind the public information and listings of nuptials and property lines that were displayed in their shelves?

What would they find?  How could his expertise assist them?  What was their purpose in all of this?  The greatest mystery, after all, was the nature of those around him.  Perhaps, in some small way, this would enlighten him to some of the answers to a question that, in reality, no one could ever truly answer at all.


Tarcanus blinked, feeling as though he had just navigated an ocean of complications and confusion in his own mind.  He would have never imagined that things would become this detailed and pervasive, this penetrating, so quickly.  So many events in such little time.  So many people moving in such different directions.  The world was a web of interactions that spun deeper than he could have ever imagined.  He would have to learn very quickly how to adapt and adjust accordingly lest he lose himself along the way.

Then there were the matters of his personal life and those around him who he considered friends, family, and loved ones.  Even if he put on a sufficient act with his students and colleagues, what about all the internal issues that plagued his mind each and every day?  In the end, his life was supposed to be about people.  People were the reason he was here, doing any of this.  Yet, it seemed the larger they grew and the more they become known to the world, the less he felt connected.  It was sad, in many ways.  Perhaps, when things slowed down, he could pause once more.  Perhaps he could reconnect.

Perhaps… he could hope.