SOO 10 Raid Team Training Videos

SOO 10 Raid Team Training Videos

Dark Shamans (1o-Person) Attempts 1-7

As promised, our training videos from last night’s raid are uploading and processed to YouTube!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Just as celebrating our successes is important, so is reviewing our attempts at the current boss encounter we are attempting to complete.  As such, we provide the guild videos of all of our attempts on the boss encounter that we are working on completing at the moment.

Excellent work at sticking with this encounter.

Technical Notes

Since embedding videos beyond what we already have posted on the guild website (the post immediately previous to this has seven embedded videos and this is in addition to the videos on the side bar of the website) will undoubtedly slow page loading times, we will only be providing a link to the YouTube playlist with the fight review videos.

The link contained in this post is a link to a playlist that is UNLISTED on YouTube.  Therefore, you must have and use the link to the playlist in order to view the playlist or any of the videos within it.  Simply going to Tarcanus Frostbourne’s YouTube channel will not allow you to search for, view, or find any of these videos.  In this sense, the playlist will not show up on any search engine results either.  This is to prevent the YouTube channel to be overburdened with videos that are not meant for public viewing, publication, or commercialization.

The videos are best viewed in full 1080p HD resolution.  This may not be the default setting that YouTube selects for you when you first load each video from the playlist.  In full 1080p HD resolution, you can see the entire battlefield with much more clarity in addition to text and warnings that appear on screen via the addon “Deadly Boss Monsters” and other in-game devices.

Video Playlist Link

Siege of Orgrimmar Dark Shamans Training Videos (10-Person Normal): Friday, January 24, 2014.

For those who cannot connect via the previous link, please copy and paste the following address into your browser bar:


With each attempt, the movement and reaction times of our group in reaction to various boss abilities improves.  As we continue to improve avoiding Foul Stream and killing the small adds quickly after Foul Geyser, this will only continue to improve our group’s persistence in surviving longer during the encounter.

Keep up the great work, guys!  We are doing so well for our first month together as a raid team!  6/14 in one night now like it’s nothing!  I’m proud of you all and happy to have you with Coram Populo