State of the Raid – Highmaul

State of the Raid – Highmaul

Thanks to the collected efforts of our guild, five Highmaul bosses are currently the equivalent of potted plants. Without the pots, of course, and a great deal more stench. But we are making progress.

Unlike many guilds, the most interesting challenge for us has been a lack of players on the DPS side (both ranged and melee). It turns out that the recruitment of high-octane killers can be a bit unpredictable. But with our raid leader (Tellaria) leading the DPS charge, things are moving forward. We have quite the stable of hunters at the moment, who are incredibly versatile, but we certainly have room for other talented DPS classes and players to join the mix. A steady shot without Steady Shot, if you will. We can’t wait to see who is interested, both inside the guild and out.

With many other guilds now forging into late heroic and mythic, we think our delayed start could be the perfect place for those who couldn’t jump in right away with the expansion, or better yet, want to get in on the ground floor of something great. We just need a few more people to help us *make* it great.

Come. Prepare. Dodge the arrows of our endless amount of hunters. And stand tall while the bastions of evil crumble around you.

This is Coram Populo.