Teaching Those to Teach in Turn

Teaching Those to Teach in Turn

Tarcanus surveyed the stacks of parchment on his desk, noting to himself the increasingly large list of names written on the attendance sheets for his classes.  Sighing lightly into the afternoon breeze, he tilted his head upward and furrowed his brows.

How did we end up with so many students interested in so many disciplines so quickly?

Clearly, Tarcanus needed assistance.  Clearly, the order needed more instructors.

Of course, this vacancy and void in the faculty of Celestial Dawn was not entirely Tarcanus’ fault.  There were, at one point, three masters within the order who trained in and had learned from vastly different fields of study and schools of magic.  At one time, prelates and ascendants taught many disciplines and artisans took on apprentices season after season.

But, times had changed.  Two of the masters were missing, many of the prelates from long ago had ventured off on their own research assignments and personal endeavors, and even the most recently promoted ascendants and guardians were relatively new in their own right.  Tarcanus would most certainly have to train them to train others, to teach them to teach others in the manner that those of the order taught students in the past.

Still, it was a nice thought to believe that one day he could get back to focusing on the more specialized directives of Celestial Dawn that he wished to lead.  There were still hopes deeply rooted in the back of his mind that one day he could recreate more of the artifacts and relics that had he studied in his quarters back in Dalaran.  There were aspirations of reliving through text and journey some of the epic battles and old conquests of the past.

Closing his eyes and drawing in another long breath, Tarcanus let out a quick sigh before relaxing his features and nodding.

Well, old pal, you’re going to have to start trusting people sometime to teach things that are well beyond your realm of understanding.  You’re going to have to allow those who you brought in to teach and learn… to do just that.

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