Tellaria’s Teachings and PvE/Raid Training Sessions

Tellaria’s Teachings and PvE/Raid Training Sessions

Excellent News for Coram Raiders and Prospective PvE Champions!

Sergeant Tellaria Evensong has graciously offered to begin individual and group training and counseling sessions for those wishing to get the most out of their PvE experience!

Tellaria has been an integral a part of the Coram Populo raid team for over eight months and provided council and advice on many of our encounters during his tenure with the guild.

An experienced and knowledgeable raider dating back to the early days of the game, he has performed every function and role on a raid team in addition to leading his own raiding guild in previous years.

Most importantly, Tellaria fits perfectly with the Coram Model of raiding and is one of the friendliest and most professional members of the guild.

Individual Training (Basic)

We all need to start somewhere with end game content.  For those who have never raided previously, procuring the right gear, maximizing correct stats, getting the most from external exchants, gems, professions and reforging, and learning to work as a group of ten or twenty-five people can be difficulty or seem daunting.

Tellaria has offered to break down each component of raiding in simple and easy to understand language for you and your character, going over the basics of gearing and secondary additions to your statistics, learning to move and adjust yourself during complex fight mechanics, developing a rotation or skills and abilities that you can use to maximize performance, and other general advice for beginning your journey into end game PvE material and content.

There are many areas that will eventually coalesce and merge into the complete “raiding package” that you will ultimately become.  Tellaria is here to ensure that you don’t miss a thing along the way and will do so in a friendly, no pressure, and fun environment.

Individual Training (Advanced)

Even if you are advanced or expert raider, fine tuning and management of resources while dealing with fight mechanics and movement can be very tricky.  As a team advances into heroic/mythic modes and beyond, the slightest mechanic and movement within a fight can cause instant death or a wipe.  As an individual, even if your numbers are consistently in the 90th performance (theoretical, realistic, and actual) percentile for your (gear level + class/spec) as per specific fight, there is always room to move up into a higher percentile or perform mechanics better.  There are always things that can be improved upon, both as a team and as individuals.

Tellaria has advanced experience with reading combat logs and numbers and is willing go through each fight and raid with an individual (using World of Logs uploads) to determine if there is something that he or she could be doing to prevent additional damage, increase performance levels, or decrease downtime between movement and use of abilities as well as provide general advice for each fight.

Team-Specific Advice and Notations

Tellaria will continue to be a senior advisor for the raid team and its leader as we progress through Siege of Orgrimmar and other current content as it is released.  Please feel free to contact him in game for requests, advice, information, or other PvE content questions that you may have.


Please feel free to contact Tellaria in game at any time via in-game mail and he will be happy to set up and appointment with you as soon as possible!