The Benefits of Farming

The Benefits of Farming

While many of us have found the clearing out the entire farm in Halfhill to be somewhat time-consuming and taxing, the rewards for having all sixteen slots available are quite noticeable.

Pandaran Faction Reputation Dailies

You may now complete up to two Pandaren faction farming dailies each day.  Each of these faction farming dailies require eight slots of farming space to complete.  These farming dailies will increase the total amount of reputation that you can gain per day with each Pandaren faction that is eligible for these dailies.

Materials and Crafting

If you lack the time to fly everywhere and farm materials for hours on end, you can always purchase special seeds that turn into crafting and other materials the following day at harvest time!  This saves quite a bit of time or adds to your overall material collection success each day.

Role Play and Vanity Items

Of course, planting trees that become items that you can place on the ground for several minutes at a time can make for amazing role play scenes and add to whatever setting you are currently role playing in.  While these trees are not permanent, they are quite aesthetically pleasing and can add flare to any role play event or scene that you may be creating.

The Completionist!

Finally, for those of us who have to do everything in the game that is humanly possible (and sometimes impossible), getting each of the individual farmers at Halfhill to be your best friend will yield items for your farm that are useful or just plain look cool!  So, for people like me, phasing out and completing the entirety of the farm is simply a must, even without all of the benefits listed above!

Let’s face it – I want that dog, all the yaks, the fast watering sprinklers and all the bells and whistles you can think of for the farm.  How else would I maintain my status as one of the crazies? 😉