The Citizen’s Forum: An Edict from Tarcanus Frostbourne

The Citizen’s Forum: An Edict from Tarcanus Frostbourne

The Order of Celestial Dawn

Office of the Headmaster

Members and Associates,

It has come to my attention that there have been numerous threats of violence and mayhem that were quelled earlier this week by the guardians in Silvermoon.

Among those captured were individuals linked to threats made against the Citizen’s Forum, the venue at which I shall be speaking at on Saturday evening.

I have come to the decision that, as a show of strength and unity among our ranks, we shall still attend the forum and present ourselves to the audience therein.

I will be speaking with Highlord Blightheart, one of the chief organizers of the event, about all of the security and safety concerns that I am sure that we all have in light of recent events.

In addition, I will be reconvening the defense division within the Order and issuing various “orders of protection” assignments to those who have proven themselves during past times of conflict.

I realize that many of you may be intimidated or have reservations about attending as your person and as an order.  However, please realize that the spread of knowledge and the search for wisdom does not always come easily.  There will often be times in our journey when we must stand up and rise to the occasion, even in distress or when in peril.  I have faith that all of you shall do the same, as you have proven time and time again.

In the coming days, please be prepared to keep yourselves apprised of the current situation and well-informed of your standing orders.

Thank you, all of you.  I know that we shall represent the Order of Celestial Dawn with pride.

 – Tarcanus Frostbourne
Headmaster, Celestial Dawn