The End of an Era (…But We’re Not Going Anywhere)

The End of an Era (…But We’re Not Going Anywhere)

All Good Things

This post is as much of a “thank you” to everyone as it is informational.  Even if this feels in many ways as a loss, remember that all good things, no matter how much we love them, come to an end.

Although we realize that this is a huge shift in guild role play and the end of a great era in Coram Populo, we hope that by the end of this post that each of you understands the reasons behind our decision to formally end the Order of Celestial Dawn story arc as an official line within our guild role play.

Know that every thought, opinion and choice was made with great consideration to all factors involved, and no finality was achieved without much time and contemplation on all sides of our senior administration.

Also know that the guild, our role players, and our members are still going to be here, just as we have always been.  The people behind the characters are staying, no matter what happens with the dissolution of Celestial Dawn as a formal organization ICly.  Coram Populo has always been built upon the unity of its members as people, not just graphics or avatars on a computer screen.  We have lived through many eras of the game, regardless of circumstance.  This step in our journey will be like any other we have faced in the past.  A new era is upon us – one that can be just as great, if not better, than the last.

In-brief Reasoning for Dissolution of Celestial Dawn

From an IC perspective, the Order of Celestial Dawn has served its purpose.  At current time, there are many factors in Azerothian lore and the meta environment in World of Warcraft that have led us to believe that the bold, clear lines dividing the Horde and the Kirin Tor and/or many of the founders of Celestial Dawn from the Dalaran archives are slowly beginning to blur or will be eventually come to be completely erased in the future.

Jaina was told to finally let go of her hatred and anger at the end of War Crimes.  There are Sin’dorei members of the Kirin Tor seen in Draenor (Khadgar’s Kirin Tor).

As such, there would be no need for the Order to exist at all, save for the lasting effects and principles that it has given to all of its members.  A formal organization or institution would not mean much, especially considering that no small group could ever rival the wisdom or library of information of the Kirin Tor.

From an OOC perspective, the Order was an exceptional launching pad for many of our members who were new to role play years ago.  It provided a safe space for new role players to get their feet wet with role play in stories that were very mild and quite tame compared to other lines that exist in the role play universe.  It also allowed people to network with one another and meet everyone else in the guild at large.  This aspect of our guild role play was consistently both useful and needed, especially in our early years on a role play server.

Many of our senior guild members, however, have “graduated” beyond this general type of role play and have outgrown the basic arcs and group activities that Celestial Dawn provided us.  As with other hobbies and skills in life, as we grow to become more educated and experienced in creative writing and role play, we begin to discover what our niche or interest truly is within our own muses.  These specialized interests, which cover an infinitely varied amount of writing and role play styles, are simply something that the Order of Celestial Dawn cannot provide.

Role play and creative writing, at its very core, should be something that we find fun, enriching, entertaining, and challenging (in good ways) to us as writers and people.  Holding people back from pursuing personal role play stories or attempting to pigeon hole our guild role play to fit a model  that worked three or four years ago would only serve to dismantle our larger goals and mission.

In-Character Considerations

Tarcanus will shortly come to the conclusion that it is time to resign as Headmaster of the Order of Celestial Dawn, formally discharging anyone who has pledged their official or personal loyalty to the Order and dissolving its status as a recognized professional organization.  Although the memories, lessons, friendships, love, loss, values, principles and experiences will never fade, the time has come to move on to the next phase of his life (and allow those around him to live theirs as well).  Tarcanus recognizes more than anyone that the Order was never meant to be a permanent fixture in any way, shape or form.  Retirement, although sad in many ways, is also an exciting prospect.  More than that, it is the right thing to do.

All ranks will be changed to “Emeritus” status and all former masters that are still missing will be considered deceased or lost in the line of duty.  Any active or already-retired member of the Order may keep their titles as honorary titles, although Celestial Dawn was never exceptionally formal in that regard anyway.  All members are welcome to keep their belongings in their offices and/or living quarters at the Estate if they choose to do so and come and go as they please.

Everyone who is currently in the Order of Celestial Dawn or who has served in days past will always be welcome at the Estate and may contact Tarcanus via the communication devices the Order had crafted in previous years.  Please know that although Tarcanus is retiring, this does not mean he is riding off into the sunset or sailing away on a long vacation.  He will most likely be at the Estate, in Silvermoon City, or, in the event that this becomes an available option to him once more, in Dalaran tending to his old apartment if it has not been given away or sold off.  Thus, personal role play lines involving Tarcanus are still open and actually more available now than ever.

Talandriel will eventually find Liseda in Draenor, learning that the expedition sent into the portal by the Order is still alive and had taken quarter in a garrison in Frostridge for the past six months.  Liseda will remain in Draenor for quite some time, earning prominence and her own smaller garrison at some point.  For those who are interested in a smaller, informal and unofficial personal line involving combat, please contact me and I will gladly oblige on Liseda.

Out-of-Character Considerations

Our “Celestial Dawn” Tumblr page will continue to reblog things from our guild members that reflect the amazing IC stories, experiences, artwork and creative inspirations that are encapsulated in various posts.  In addition, we will now use that social media platform to support various organizations and community events from around the server so that our members can see all the amazing things that are occurring on Wyrmrest Accord.  This is a slight change from our previous policy on the use of this Tumblr account.

Our “Coram Populo” Tumblr page will continue to reblog both IC and OOC things that reflect the amazing things that our members are doing both in and out of the game itself.

Since all of the players behind the characters currently in the guild are continuing to raid, socialize, and continue to build our guild atmosphere and environment, most of us will still be open to engaging in new personal role play stories, lines, and arcs as time moves forward.  As always, it is up to each individual to determine their own availability, wants, and desires for their own characters and creative writing.  If you are interested in engaging in role play with anyone in the guild, just ask*!

Plans for the Future

Coram Populo will still hold social events throughout the month as soon as our Social Events Coordinator returns from medical leave.  These social events will continue to network our guild members both ICly and OOCly.  Anyone is welcome at these social events and they will continue to provide a very low-pressure, casual atmosphere for characters and people to meet and introduce themselves to one another.

Formal classes, seminars, tutoring, lectures, and forums will no longer be officially planned, organized, or executed by the Order of Celestial Dawn ICly or Coram Populo the guild OOCly.

Any research, expeditions, or side stories will be considered private role play lines and no longer be endorsed by the Order of Celestial Dawn ICly or Coram Populo the guild OOCly.

Story tellers and dungeon masters within Coram Populo will now be engaging in their own, private stories and arcs.  Please contact them individually to inquire if your character(s) would be a good fit in any of them.  Please note that these lines and stories will be unofficial and not endorsed or overseen by the guild*.

*As always, our personal conduct policies apply to any activity, actions, or behavior within or outside the guild and/or game, official or unofficial, public or private.

Thank You, Good Night and Good Luck

To thank each one of you individually would take more pages or space than one blog or website could fit.  All I can say is that, to the hundreds of people who have gone on this journey with us, you will never be forgotten.  Anyone who has interacted with us, officially or unofficially, will forever be appreciated for all that they have done.  It has been an incredible ride, and we are just getting started.

So thank you, and as always, be safe… wherever you may be in the world.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne

(Soon to be Retired) Headmaster, The Order of Celestial Dawn

Guild Leader, Coram Populo