The First Task

The First Task

Shards, gems, fragments.  The semantics did not matter, the acquisition of information did.

Although it seemed a rather odd first assignment, there were two reasons why Tarcanus had sent them off into the vast expanses of the Outlands on that fateful afternoon.

First, it was obvious that the order needed to begin creating synergy amongst it many members.  They would all assuredly be working in close quarters for much time to come, and the sooner they learned to work as a team the sooner they would grow as a cohesive unit.

Second, Tarcanus wanted to see how Bebe would take the reins of her new leadership position, especially considering how diverse and different this group of individuals was.  While he was confident that she could lead, the question remained: Could she lead this group?

The shards themselves were of little consequence.  Whether they contained power or not was of no importance.  It was the way in which the team came together that was the real test in this excursion.  It was the way in which they grew as a family that mattered…