The Next Steps

The Next Steps

With their first few missions a success, Tarcanus was feeling confident and emboldened now more than ever in the order’s ability to begin more serious research.  Although they were all relatively new in terms of working as a team, Tarcanus had faith that somehow they would still manage to pull it all together when needed.  It was all rather odd how quickly things had progressed – but this was just another sign that everyone was meant to be here in some way, shape or form.

Pulling out a quill and dotting it with ink, the satisfied scholar began writing a letter to his former colleagues in Dalaran.  Although they now had to communicate in secret and through channels most unusual, he knew that he could still depend on them.  Their paths may have strayed, but their goals remained the same.  In moments like these, Tarcanus knew that wisdom and enlightenment could shine down upon the universe in a beacon that unified him with his like-minded former associates.  The beacon just needed to be placed.

My Dear Friends,

Prepare for our arrival.  Prepare for the Celestial Dawn.

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