The Official Guild Charter (IC)

The Official Guild Charter (IC)

The official formation and creation of the Order of Celestial Dawn was hardly much to behold.  There were no regal ceremonies or lavish banquets to honor its founders.  Banners and insignia and all the normal formalities were very much lacking, in fact.  In the place of stiff, thick parchment and calligraphy by sharp quill, there was scribbles on tattered pieces of napkin and wrapping paper.  Instead of uniforms and medals, there were everyday robes and clothing.  Without any political power or backing of nobility, the order was a hidden, nonexistent group of individuals, at least to the outside world.

Yet, those who joined its ranks shared in a common goal and common ideals.  Those who emboldened its ranks did so with vigor and honor.  They knew that the cause they fought for was the greater good, even if that fight did not always require a shield and sword.

The Order of Celestial Dawn shall be created to promote the free sharing of knowledge, information and wisdom to the people of Azeroth without prejudice, bias, or agenda.  We shall teach and study, learn and research.  Regardless of those forces that wish to hide information and only share it with those who would have mutual interest or benefit, we will prevail in freely and openly sharing what rightfully belongs to everyone.

Our members may come from different backgrounds and each may have a quite different story to tell, but all shall become family in the order.

This is our creed, this is our story…