The Secret Order within Coram Populo

The Secret Order within Coram Populo

(( IC Narration and Information ))

It began as just a whisper in the wind between three disillusioned members of various factions and organizations in Azeroth. It was a dream among dreamers. It was a fantasy among those who wished for a new manner in which to spread knowledge freely amongst the inhabitants of the universe. It was designed to be an order of those who freely taught and educated anyone who cared to listen on the topics of history and philosophy and magic and the arts. It was to be void of all political influence and monetary pressures, to be a pure work of education and research. It was a grand endeavor, but it was something. It was more than a project or goal. It was more meaningful than a professional pursuit. It was hope.

Of course, with no sign of his former partners in the city, Tarcanus had been burdened with the reins of the order, attempting to recruit and manage those who shared the same goals as he did. After the purging of Dalaran and the imprisonment of most of his former colleagues, Tarcanus knew that a wrongful act against innocent members of his people and friends had been committed. With the libraries of the Kirin Tor all but closed off and few allies remaining in Northrend, he knew that the only way to rebuild the research and education within Azeroth was to start with basics… to start with Quel’Thalas.

It was not easy at first to find those willing to openly admit to such a lofty goal. Recruitment began slowly and many did not feel as if such a lofty goal could be completed by such a small organization. Yet, in recent weeks, things had begun to pick up. It was a pleasant surprise to encounter those who shared similar beliefs as he did, whether carrying the banner of Hellscream’s Horde, the colors of the Sin’dorei, or some other organization or faction.

Open knowledge, accessible research, free education… the tenants of Celestial Dawn… the makings of a new beginning… the ideals of creating a better world. Lofty, highly unrealistic in many eyes, and yet, just what Tarcanus needed to feel like he had done something, no matter how small.

(( OOC Information ))

All members of Coram Populo are welcome to participate in the Order of Celestial Dawn! Of course, we will need to arrange a time and place for which our characters to meet and introduce themselves. Once inducted into the order, your characters will be able to role play in many facets and areas of the game in addition to going on IC expeditions and role playing through old dungeons and raids. There are even events for those who do not wish to leave the city ICly and simply want to teach or write books and scrolls to spread knowledge to the world!

Feel free to ask in guild chat about any questions or concerns you may have! There are always openings for teaching positions, artisans, mercenaries, scholars, scribes, wielders of magic arts, librarians, healers, hired guns, scouts, and infinite other possibilities!