The Thalassian Citizen’s Forum: Role Play Standards and Etiquette for Coram Populo Guild Members

The Thalassian Citizen’s Forum: Role Play Standards and Etiquette for Coram Populo Guild Members


This post is largely “out of character” and thus I will be posting it to my personal blog first.

Coram Populo is a place that I am proud to call home. Over the years, we have cultivated and crafted an amazing guild environment that is welcoming and open to people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. In our attempt to “break the mold” of rampant harassment, hate speech, and negativity in online communities, we have achieved something special that I care about very deeply.

In the coming week, we have an opportunity to showcase our respectful nature and sharp role play skills with the events and stories leading up the Thalassian Citizen’s Forum. While our role play as a guild is often confined to lines between individual guild members and the story of the Order of Celestial Dawn, we should value this opportunity to reach out to the community at large on Wyrmrest Accord.

Although some of you may not be accustomed to extremely large group role play, please know that as long as you are able to stay true to your character and remain as respectful as you normally are during role play, you should be fine. With that said, there are a few differences and caveats that I would like to address concerning this event (and events leading up to it) that all members of Coram Populo should be aware of before they attend or participate.

Respect the Dungeon Master / Story Teller (Nikkitah Blightheart)

All large role play events, especially those that include individuals and groups of role players that do not normally role play together, are usually led by a dungeon master or story teller (for those who are not familiar with Dungeons and Dragons or tabletop role playing games, think of dungeon masters and story tellers as the “raid leaders” and the role play event itself as the “raid” in this context). These dungeon masters and story tellers are often highly respected members of the role play community who have earned the trust of the players involved in the event/story itself.

As someone who is a primary dungeon master and story teller for our own guild stories and events, I can tell you that the amount of time and effort that is put into delivering a great show is considerable. In addition, as the size of the event or story increases in scale, the amount of work and preparation increases exponentially.

The dungeon master / story teller for this event and the events surrounding it is Highlord Nikkitah Blightheart.

Please read the blog inspired by this character for the latest information and updates on the event. Always keep in mind, however, that any in-character information in posts contained within that blog that your character would not be privy to otherwise is not to be used in the meta environment and not to be known by your characters.

If you have any OOC questions or concerns, please relay them to me and I will communicate them to Nikkitah directly.

Please DO NOT overwhelm, spam, or harass the dungeon master or story teller. Remember that a large part of being respectful to a role play story that you are invited to participate in is acknowledging the time and energy exerted by the person providing the framework and structure for the story itself.

In addition to all of this, please take the time to appreciate the work that was done to create and execute this event and thank Nikkitah AFTER (do not overwhelm Nikkitah during the actual proceedings) the event is over. Even if your character does not appreciate or personally like “Nikkitah the character,” YOU as a role player and person should most definitely appreciate the work that was done by “Nikkitah the player and person.”

The Meta Within the Meta

Many of you have often heard me speak of, explain, and educate our guild on “meta environments” in role play. Most of you have learned the basics of the concept, and most role players on Wyrmrest Accord understand what the “meta environment” and “meta universe” are in World of Warcraft.

With this event and story, in addition to the normal meta environment of the World of Warcraft universe, you are participating in a meta environment “within” the World of Warcraft meta.

This meta environment has been designed and crafted by the dungeon master / story teller in order to create a good flow, pacing, and level of participation from the “actors” and “actresses” in the story and may include additional rules and restraints to the normal meta environment for role play in World of Warcraft.

An empirical example of this is a rule limiting speakers to ten minutes to ICly give their speeches and requiring them to possess a pre-written script.

While those rules do not normally apply to the in-game meta environment and rule structure when role playing in the open world, they do for this event.

This is not to say that there are going to be any significant or crazy changes or restrictions to the normal meta environment, but you should always check first as a courtesy to Nikkitah and everyone else who is participating.

Remember that we are participating in someone else’s carefully crafted meta environment and should be respectful and aware of this at all times.

Communications During Events

Communication during massive role play events and stories should remain respectful of the things going on around you both in-character and out-of-character.

Please keep spacial chat clear of all non-essential communications and communications that are not relevant to the role play itself. Even using bracket speech in /say to make comments, ask questions, or communicate OOCly can flood the the area with text during a critical point in the story.

Most of us will be using the guild Ventrilo server during this event to discuss what is going on and how things are unfolding. Therefore, there should be no need for anyone from Coram Populo to be posting using text that interferes with the area around us.

In addition, please keep in mind that the dungeon master and story teller will be giving directions and instructions throughout the event that these should be adhered to and followed at all times.

Courtesy and Respect / Representing Coram Populo

I take great pride in the way in which our guild members conduct themselves, both within the confines of the guild and to the community at large. As I have stated over and over again, every time that you interact with someone in the city, world, or even other servers, you are representing the title below your name. Every guild leader knows that his or her members and their actions are a direct reflection of him/herself. I know that this event will show the same reflection that we have projected up until this point.

Again, please read Highlord Nikkitah Blightheart’s blog for more information and please keep all of the topics mentioned here in mind as we forward in this amazing and wonderful story.