The Thalassian Citizen’s Forum

The Thalassian Citizen’s Forum

Saturday, February 8, 2014.
7:00 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.
The Sunspire

Hosting ChairHighlord Nikkitah Blightheart

SpeakersBelyndrae Darkstrider, of the Silvermoon Registry.

Iridoria Dae’rienne, of the Academy of Arcane Arts and the Sunreaver Academy for Higher Learning.

Tarcanus Frostbourne, of the Order of Celestial Dawn (Coram Populo).

Captain Raynell A’laria, of Thori Anore.

A Big Thank You

Thank you, everyone, for coming out and supporting the Thalassian Citizen’s Forum this evening!  I am glad to see that Wyrmrest Accord has so many thriving role play guilds.

There was a great turn out and a really good discussion of the evening’s topics followed.

I cannot thank Nikkitah, Oriel, and Alyadria enough for inviting me to speak this month and for all of the amazing things that they do to bring people on the server together.

Congratulations also to the new chair-elects of the forum, Captain Raynell A’laria and Lady Sairalis Runeweaver.

I am sure that next month and the months following will be just as amazing! <3