The Trio of One

Of the three founding masters of the Order of Celestial Dawn, only Tarcanus remained.  The high priestess had not been seen in many months and could only be presumed dead or forever away in her own world.  The master of deception had vanished into the night, leaving his wife but a whisper in the wind and a vision of his absence.

Ironically, the trio that had come together so many months before had mysteriously dissolved as quickly as it had formed.  Perhaps it was slightly a pipe dream to imagine that things would always end up working perfectly.  Perhaps Tarcanus was naive in thinking that three strangers who had met in passing only a few times before in years past could come together and remain as one until the bitter end.  Perhaps their differences and goals were all so varied and contrasting that it was never meant to work at all.

The Order was intended to be led by three.  Three unique individuals from three unique disciplines.  Three Sin’dorei who had led vastly different paths in life, all leading to a common goal.

Although Tarcanus had managed to lead his fellow brothers and sisters to great lengths in the short time that the Order of Celestial Dawn had existed, he knew that there needed to be a greater plan.  He, of course, could only do so much, and his lack of knowledge of things such as the Light, herbalism, healing, alchemy, and a litany of other subjects and disciplines would slow down the progress of their research and teachings.

Sure, he had found capable individuals to fill the ranks and bolster the stockade of Prelates, Ascendants, and Guardians.  The order had acquired eager students and apprentices to teach and mold into capable researchers and scholars.  They were making connections and finding helpful associates as they grew in numbers.  Yet, he knew that there had to be more infrastructure, more leadership, and more instructed disciplines and courses of study if they were ever to become what he fully intended and wished for them to be.

Eventually, he dreamed that research teams would be self-sufficient and able to conduct themselves independent of mandated instruction or directives.  He dreamed that scholars and instructors would teach their own trades and schools of magic without needing any advice or direction from any of the masters or Tarcanus himself.  He dreamed that knowledge would flow from one corner of Azeroth to the other, free from the bonds and chains that now restricted its movement to within groups of elites in Dalaran and other places.

Tarcanus knew that he could never do any of these things alone.  Such a task was too great for any one individual.  As with many of life’s most important journeys, assistance along the way would be needed.

All hope was not lost.  He was still steadfast in his determination to see the order and its goals successful to the end.  Whether it was easy or not was irrelevant.  It would be his mark on the world, even if no one knew about it.  Even if the annals of history forgot of him or the order, it was still something that needed to be done.  After all, everyone needs a purpose.  This was his…

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