THE Wedding

THE Wedding

After many months of eager anticipation and patient waiting, THE Wedding finally came for the members of Celestial Dawn and the happy couple.

Tindomiel Singsorrow, man of convenience and mystery, master within his own domain and the order, and now loving husband.

Anaveya Blackcrest, woman of many journeys and lifetimes, wanderer of vast plains of Azeroth, and now adoring wife.

Two souls brought together by different paths, now walking side-by-side as one.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and thank you to all who came out to the wedding!  It was a splendid affair and a real treat to participate in for all who were there.


Friends, family, members and associates of Celestial Dawn celebrating the wedding of Tindomiel Singsorrow and Anaveya Blackcrest.

For more information and stories concerning Anaveya Singsorrow, please visit:

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