Quickly Finding Ordos and Celestial Groups: The “Other” Raid Finder Tool

Quickly Finding Ordos and Celestial Groups: The “Other” Raid Finder Tool

“LFR” for Ordos and the Celestials

For those players who may not belong to a large guild or are located on a server with a low population, finding groups to defeat world bosses on a weekly basis can be a difficult task.  Even on servers with dense player bases, for those who play at odd times or during off-peak periods can have trouble finding groups using General Chat and Trade Chat alone.  This is exacerbated by the fact that the Timeless Isle content has been largely farmed at this point and there are less individuals on the island itself throughout the day.

However, all hope is not lost and there is still ample opportunity to farm Ordos, who drops warforged gear, and the Celestials, who drop current content and tier pieces and current season PvP gear (as of 1/21/2014)!

While still largely unknown to many players, there is “another” raid finder tool available for players in these situations.  Unlike the standard “LFR” tool, however, players need to manually list themselves (from a separate menu) as individuals who are looking for specific world bosses and/or raids and wait for an invitation from another player.

The Nuts and Bolts: Listing Yourself and Getting In

Listing yourself as someone who is “looking for world bosses” using this tool is quite simple and only takes a few steps as described below:

1.)  While in-game, open your “friends list” and “social” menu.  This can be done by clicking the same button you use for opening your friends list or by pressing the “o” key if you are using the default key bindings for World of Warcraft.

2.) On the bottom of this window, there should be four tabs that appear.  The farthest tab on the right should read, “Raid.”  Click this tab to bring up a separate tab within the window pane.

3.) At the top of this window pane, there should be two additional buttons.  The button on the left should read, “Other Raids.”  Click this button to bring up a new window the should open immediately to the right of the original window.

4.) Once this new window is open, you should be able to view a list of old raids and world bosses.  At the top of this list, there should be a heading that reads, “Mists of Pandaria World Boss.”

5.) Under the “Mists of Pandaria World Boss” heading, there should be a short list of bosses in addition to boxes immediately to the left of each individual boss.

6.) Using the boxes next to each boss, you should mark off which bosses you wish to find a group for, knowing that you can list yourself for both boss encounters at once if you so desire.

7.) After you have finished marking off each boss encounter that you wish to participate in, you should then move to the bottom of the same window pane and click the button that reads, “List My Name.”

8.) After clicking this button, you will receive confirmation that you are listed as someone interested in finding a group for the encounters you have previously selected.  A green icon will appear on your minimap to indicate this information.

9.) Now you just have to wait until you receive an invitation from someone!  Often times, this invitation will come from someone on another server, so please be aware of this and do not panic (it is not a scam).

Additional Information

On most days and during most times of the day, you should receive an invitation within a few minutes.  There have been a few occasions where I have received an invitation to Ordos after only a few seconds.  The longest that I have had to wait for an invitation was around twenty minutes.

You should also note that groups may not always be full when you first receive an invitation, and depending on the time of day, it could also take additional time to fill the group once you are in it.  Unlike traditional LFR, players using this toll are invited and send out invitations individually.  Thus, you may be invited to a group that only has ten players in it or find yourself in one that already has thirty-seven players.

It also helps to already have your character located near the boss encounter.  Rarely, the boss may have already been pulled by the time you are invited.  Other times, groups may or may not be willing to summon players who are invited and as still located in Orgrimmar or the Pandaren shrines.

Loot from these encounters is distributed individually, just as in traditional LFR and flex raiding.  You MAY also use reroll tokens (Warforged Seals) for additional chances at loot from these bosses.

To fight Ordos, please note that you will need to have a character on your account that has obtained the legendary cloak in order to access the encounter.