Trove of the Thunder King: Speed Run and God-Hulk Gulkan

For those who still need a guide on how to beat the speed timers and defeat God-Hulk Gulkan in the same run of the Trove of the Thunder King scenario, here is a quick video we made a few months ago when Patch 5.2 first arrived!


In order to enter the scenario, you must first acquire a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen, which drops off mobs on the Isle of Thunder, trash inside the Throne of Thunder raid, and can be also contained in quest reward boxes received upon completion of the Isle of Thunder daily quest chains!


The best strategy to employ in order to achieve these two objectives is to use all of the items that you can purchase in advance of entering the scenario so that most of the traps and doorways can be avoided or opened instantly without the pulling of levers or switches:

Potion of Light Steps can be used to simply float over most traps and avoid taking damage or being stunned by their effects. ┬áThis will prevent you from dying and being teleported back to the entrance of the zone or from being CC’ed and losing time.

Polymorphic Key can be used to unlock doors and open passageways without triggering a lever or switch.  This will save a lot of time along the way!

All of the above named items can be purchased on the Isle of Thunder via Elder Charm of Good Fortune.

Video Tutorial

This speed run includes the defeat of the end boss of the scenario, God-Hulk Gulkan, in addition to looting a few chests at the end of the encounter.

This recording was taken from the perspective of a “glass cannon” archetype character build (Arcane Mage).

Happy Hunting!