Valor Capping (3,000) in Anticipation of Patch 5.4 and the Siege of Orgrimmar!

Valor Capping (3,000) in Anticipation of Patch 5.4 and the Siege of Orgrimmar!

Everyone who is interested in raiding during Patch 5.4 should be stockpiling valor points so that they can utilize the gear upgrade system as soon as the new gear is available from LFR, flex raiding, and normal raiding.

Raid team members should already have mostly 522 (upgraded to 530) gear and ALL of the available valor gear that can be purchased (unless they have acquired better 522 gear / BIS gear or Thunderforged BIS gear or Heroic gear).

The current maximum amount of valor that can be acquired and saved is 3,000.

All players should ideally have all 530+ (2x valor upgrades per item) BIS and appropriate gear AND still save 3,000 valor points after reaching that point in their gear progression.

Weekly Character Progression and Improvement Requirements

Please note that all members of the raid team will be mandated to fulfill certain requirements on their raiding characters so that we can ensure a constant improvement in our team item level, gear progression, and essential statistics (DPS, HPS, MP5, Damage Mitigation, Health).

These requirements can be found in a separate section of our guild website locatedĀ here.

<Coram Populo> is always actively recruiting new, amazing members for its ranks! If you want a social, friendly environment in which to raid, do arenas and role play, feel free to whisper one of us for an invitation!